March 06, 2020
Level 3 – Production
Book take aways
Production is where you can start building great momentum with your team. Starting with small wins you build up your credibility and reinvest in the team. Working on a team with a level 3 leader feels rewarding and is highly motivating.


Being productive attracts other productive people. There’s a mutual respect when people get things done together. With each successful project, you gain credibility.

Lead by example to make the vision you’ve been setting for the team more concrete and understandable. These examples create momentum that boosts morale and productivity for the rest of the team.


You can be productive and not a leader. Getting things done alone doesn’t mean that you’re building a team who will be able to get things done together.

Businesses often promote high performers to Level 1 – Position because they can get things done as an individual. While this is a prerequisite for Level 3, there are times when that leader has no interest in building the foundational relationships for a high performing team.

Level 3 can be a heavy burden. In addition to having difficult conversations without damaging relationships with your teammates, you also need to make hard decisions when the team’s output is less than expected.

Growth from here

Model excellent team behavior. Act the way you want everyone on your team to act.

Give feedback on the team’s performance, especially when it’s hard to do or uncomfortable. If you give this feedback from a place of respect for the person and your relationship, they will often times appreciate your high standards.

Talk about your vision for the team. All the time. You can’t do this enough.

Build the team up with small successes, then challenge them to grow to the next level. Share context for how these challenges contribute to your long-term goal.


Level 4 – People
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