March 08, 2020
Level 5 – Pinnacle
Book take aways
Level 5 is the highest level of leadership. These people are all industry leaders like Lee Iacocca, Jack Welsch, and Steve Jobs. It’s hard to get here and once you’ve achieved this level there’s no guarantee you’ll stay. The reach and impact you have at this level is unparalleled.


Leading at this level fundamentally transforms an organization and leaves a legacy long after you’ve left. You have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on a very large group of people.


It’s easy to think that once you’re here, you’re done. You have to continue doing all the things that got you here in the first place: build strong relationship, get things done, train others in your skills.

It can be easy to lose focus. When you’re at this level there is a great demand for your time and opinions.

Growth from here

Stay humble and open to learning. Create room for strong leaders to advance in the organization. Get creative and create new opportunities if none exist today.

Maintain focus. Identify the unique strengths that got you this far and come up with a plan to continue developing and using them as an advantage.

Cultivate a group of people to work with who will ground you in reality, give you perspective, and are willing to tell you the things you don't want to hear.

That’s all

I hope this brief summary of The Five Levels of Leadership inspires you to become a better leader and gives you some tools to develop yourself and your teams.
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