March 2020
The Five Levels
of Leadership
book take-aways

A manager on my team recently suggested The Five Levels of Leadership as her favorite leadership book.

One of the tenets of this book is that you have a different level of leadership with each person you lead. Your poorest relationship defines what type of leader you are overall, even if you exhibit more advanced traits with others.

I’ve found these concepts helpful as I think about improving my leadership with my teammates. In this set of articles, I’ll walk through each of the levels, summarizing the negatives and positives of each along with some tips for growing through them.

In my own words

This is how I’ve internalized the five levels of leadership.

  1. A person follows you because you have the job title.
  2. A person follows you because you’ve built a relationship together.
  3. A person follows you because you get things done.
  4. You are able to reproduce your leadership skills in other people.
  5. Every person you manage is a level 4 leader.

Table of contents

Read on to learn the positives, negatives, and suggestions for growth for each of Maxwell’s levels.

  1. Position
  2. Permission
  3. Production
  4. People development
  5. The Pinnacle

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